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What is Corn?

Corn is a thickening of the surface layer of the skin. Corns usually form on the top of the toes, tip of the toes, and between the toes. Corns can be caused by wearing tight-fitting shoes and socks. Corns are more common in women than men.

What causes corn?
It is caused by too much pressure. The pressure may be from:

  • Tight fitting shoes

  • Tight socks

  • Tight stockings

  • Shoe rubbing against the toe

  • Deformed toes

  • Crooked toes

  • Arthritis

  • Scar tissue

  • Dry skin

Corn Treatment
Orthotics to deflect pressure away from the lesions will temporarily relieve the pain and inflammation. Change in footwear and use of padding to prevent pressure. Modification of footwear mechanical reduction of the corns or pathology foot area will help reduce the corn

What is a callus?
Caluses are thickening of the surface layers of the skin, usually occurs in response to pressure. Calluses often form on the ball of the foot, the heel and the underside of the big toe. Calluses are more common in women than men.

How are calluses formed
Calluses are formed by an accumulation of dead skin cells that harden and thicken over an area of the foot.


  • High heeled shoes

  • Mal-aligned metatarsal bones

  • Shoes which are too Small

  • Abnormalities of Gait

  • Flat feet

  • Obesity

  • Bony Prominences

  • Arthritis

  • Loss of fat pad

  • High arched foot



  • Foot orthotics can help redistribute pressure off callused areas of the foot. For calluses caused by abnormalities of gait, or arthritic feet, orthotics can realign the foot and cause equal distribution of weight under the foot and reduce the callusing.

  • Podology/pedicure care to remove the calluses

  • Use of foot logixx calluses tinctures to remove calluses

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