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Visiting Gait Maxx

Your first visit to the center will include a complete physical of your feet and legs, and a thorough medical history will be taken. The initial appointment will last approximately 30 minutes.

Please arrive at your appointment with a pair of shorts to change into (To permit access to the complete leg, ankle and foot.) Observing patterns of your footwear can be a valuable tool in the clinical assessment process. You are advised to bring to your appointment 2-3 well worn out shoes.

Please arrive a few minutes early in order to complete the paperwork required to begin your assessment. Our administrative staff can help with insurance matters. They can help with checking for your medical benefits coverage and filling insurance forms for you to be reimbursed.

Please be advised that you are required by your insurance to pay for our services upfront. You can pay for our services by Visa, Master Card, Debit, Cash or Cheque. You will be notified at your appointment cost of any services you should pay.

Our FAQ's

A pedorthist is an individual who is trained and certified in the assessment, design, manufacturing fit and modification of foot appliances and footwear for the purposes of alleviating painful and debilitating conditions and providing assistance for abnormalities or limited actions of the lower limbs.

The Pedorthist provides devices and footwear to assist in:

  1. Accommodation of foot deformities
  2. Re-Alignment of anatomical structures
  3. Redistribution of external and internal forces
  4. Improvement of balance
  5. Control of bio-mechanical function
  6. Accommodation of circulation special requirements and enhancement of the actions of limbs compromised as a result of accident, congenital deformity, neural condition or disease.

In most cases, yes. You can also come for an initial evaluation without and we will arrange for you to get a prescription with your physician. If an orthopedic appliance, ie: orthotic, custom shoe/brace/medical compression stockings etc…. is needed, then a prescription for the device is required from a physician. Most of the time we are able to Rx for you with your doctor.

Aside from our professional foot care team, this is a very important differentiating factor in what makes Gait Maxx Foot Care, Orthopedic and Wellness Centre unique and different from other foot care clinics.

We make all our orthotics on site! Each clinic houses its own lab where our pedorthists and technicians manufacture each appliance by hand. We feel that it is extremely important that the person who analyses your foot, also casts your foot and ultimately, makes the appliance to help with your condition.

NO MIDDLE MAN FOR OUR CLIENTS! This leads to better control, and a higher grade of quality that we pride ourselves on here at Gait Maxx.

Orhotics must be dispensed by a provider that has one of the folowing designations:

  • C.Ped(c) Pedorthist
  • D.P.M. (Podiatrist)
  • DCh. (Chiroprodist)
  • C.O.(c) (Orthotist)

Be wary of any one calling themselves a Posture Therapist and or foot specialist without stating what there designation is really. They do not have the proper training and credentials to make assessments and your insurance company may not cover any claims submitted by anyone other than the accredited professionals.

The type of material used is based on your individual foot type and usage. Some people may require a stiffer orthotic, if they need to control the flexibility/movement of the foot. Other may require a softer material based on limited mobility, arthitic or diabetic requirements or other factors.

The cost of your orthotic includes your initial assessment, casting for the appliance, manufacture of the appliance, cost of the orthotic materials, appointment to pick up the appliance, a follow up appointment approximately weeks following you receiving the appliance. We also include further follow up appointments that may be required in order to ensure the success of your orthotics in addressing your problem and an annual check up following the original fitting. For an orthotic to be made properly, there are many steps required in the process to produce the best product for your needs.

Every plan is different some plans will cover the cost of an orthotic made by a certified professional and with a proper prescription from a physician up to 100% of the cost. However, other plans vary in their coverage amounts or do not cover orthotics at all.

It’s your responsibility to check with your insurance benefit plan to determine your coverage. Some particular plans that we have dealt with before we are able to determine your coverage, but if it’s your first time to claim for custom foot orthotics it’s best advisable to check your coverage with your health insurance coverage plan.

It varies from orthotic to orthotic and person to person. For example, a harder orthotic will last longer than a softer one, however a hard orthotic may not be appropriate for your condition (i.e. arthritis, diabetes, etc..) Also the amount of wear the orthotic receives will affect its longevity. Each person fitted with an orthotic at one of our clinics is booked for an annual check up at no cost. At that appointment we will re-examine the patient’s alignment and foot architecture for any changes and we will examine the orthotic for signs of wear.

Yes we do make children’s orthotics in cases where they are required. However it is important to know that most children have what appears to be flat feet. It does take time for the arch to develop, and many children have very fat feet which can give them the appearance of being flat.

Orthotics are not required in these cases. Some children do have significant alignment or architectural issues that do require orthotic treatment. Your doctor can help you in determining whether an orthotic is necessary or further evaluation is required. Our foot specialists can also advise if orthortics or footwear can help with flat feet for your child.

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